Iklan Gratis: Rubber Fender,Dock Bumper,Rubber Bumper,Karet Fend

06 April 2011

Nama*:Gada Bina Usaha
Email *:gada.bina@yahoo.com
Alamat:asrikaton F6/9 Malang
Judul*:Rubber Fender,Dock Bumper,Rubber Bumper,Karet Fender, Karet Fender V,Karet Fender D,Karet Fender Square,Karet Fender Silinder, Rubber Fender V,Rubber Fender D,Rubber Fender Square,Rubber Fender Cylinder
Isi Iklan*:Rubber Fender-dock Bumper for Dock, Ships, Shipyard and other needs.
The main function of Rubber Fender / Dock Bumper common is to prevent damage to the vessel or pier for berthing ships. from conflict and the pressure hull.
Rubber Fender we make
Rubber Fender Type V - Arch fenders
Cylinder Rubber Fender
D Type Rubber Fender
Cell Type Rubber Fender
Square Rubber Fender
M Type Rubber Fender
Contact us for the type, size and specification required

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