Iklan Gratis: Jual: Toner Original HP CE278A,CE285A,CE250A,CE505A,CE505X Murah

30 November 2013

Nama*:Pelangi Toner
Email *:pelangitoner@gmail.com
Alamat:Jl.Nangka No.22 Pesangrahan Jakarta Selatan
Judul*:Jual: Toner Original HP CE278A,CE285A,CE250A,CE505A,CE505X Murah - Pelangi Toner
Isi Iklan*:Anda atau perusahaan anda butuh Toner Original HP, Pelangi Toner siap membantu anda 02170042880/081283237649 Pin BB 2a689c0f.Kami menjual Toner Original HP berbagai type
C4127X,C4129X,C8543X,C8061X,C9730A,C9731AC9733A,CB380A-CB383A,CB435A,CB436A,CB540A,CB541A - CB543A,Q2612A,Q2613A,Q2670A, Q7516A,Q7553A,Q5950A,Q5951A–Q5953A,Q3960A,Q3961A–Q3963A,CE278A,CE285A,CE250A,CE251A–CE253A,CE250X,CE270A,CE271A-CE273A,CE505A,CE505X,CE740A,CE741A–CE743A,CC364A,CC364X,CC530A,CC531A-CC533A,Q5949A,Q6000A,Q6001A-Q6003A,Q6470A,Q7581A-Q7583A,Q6511A,Q7551A,Q7551X dan banyak lagi type lainnya. Harga bersaing dan siap kirim keseluruh Indonesia Website : http://www.pelangitoner.weebly.com,pelangitoner1.indonetwork.co.id,email : pelangitoner@gmail.com,YM : hadiazhar90@yahoo.com
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